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Security During Natural Disasters

The Townsville security headquarters of Protection Plus was recently flooded, as were many other properties in our area. For us, the office is getting a makeover and we’re back in business!

Natural disasters, however, are unfortunately becoming more common in Australia, especially in North Queensland.

Here in the north, when it’s not a wet and wild summer, we still need to be mindful of the ravages of bushfires.

That we choose to stay regardless, is in no small measure a tribute to the beauty of living in the Townsville region. We wouldn’t swap it for anywhere else, but we know only too well the horrors of flooding.

During any natural disaster, human lives and human safety are the over-riding concerns. Property concerns, understandably, pale in significance.

The events themselves are one thing. The aftermath is another. Recovery can be a harrowing ordeal.

Security worries don’t disappear when a natural disaster strikes. They usually escalate.

Looters and Your Security

In today’s world, security is high on the agenda and vigilance is not likely to be relaxed any time soon. We worry about wars and refugees. We worry about hacking and data security.

But in times of natural disaster, physical concerns take priority. After taking care of people, property is the next most pressing issue.

In times of trouble, you soon find out who your friends are. In Australia’s regional areas, including the greater Townsville area, people like to stick together and the wonderful support among our neighbours is a big thing.

We’d be foolish, though, to ignore the sad fact that natural disasters also present opportunities for some people. Either out of desperation or greed, vulnerable properties can be tempting targets. The threat of looting can have people thinking twice about evacuating their homes in the face of natural disasters.

Having to deal with the prospect of pending property damage, no one wants to then be exploited by those who would steal valuables from their vacated property.

Insurance may cover lost and damaged goods. But of course, all this takes time to sort out and not everything is replaceable. In the meantime, the things you might have taken for granted suddenly become very important indeed.

Local Security for Your Business

We have your interests at heart—as a trusted Townsville security team but also as fellow Townsville residents.

Security is an important concern for the business owners among us who could have assets in more than one location. When a disaster strikes, you can be easily stuck in one place, not only dealing with the crisis but being physically unable to get from one place to another. Just being without the means to know what’s going on at your other location is stressful.

In these situations, mobile security patrols might well be able to reach a particular property when you cannot.

Obviously, you can’t expect overloaded emergency services to drop everything to check on your office equipment. But it is the kind of thing your local security provider can help with. Even to keep you informed and updated about the location you’re concerned about would probably be a help.

Here’s Something You Can Do

You’d hardly be expected to know in advance when an emergency situation will arise, but it’s better, as they say, to be safe than sorry. It takes only a click or two to add our 24/7 Protection Plus contact details to your phone. Please do so now!

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