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We Are Helping Local Business During Covid 19

Protection Plus Security NQ would like to do our bit to help in the face of the overwhelming measures bought in by the Australian Government during the Covid 19 Event.

Currently, there are no changes within our services and as such we would like to offer small local business that must close due to the new laws, free mobile Patrols to assist with keeping your your business secure.

There will be some strict guidelines around this offer:

** Must be a small business locally owned and operated

** Limit of 2 Patrols in a 24 hour period for 3 months

** Subject to availability of our services should any laws change

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you feel the need to obtain some extra protection during these times.

Please call us direct on (07) 4728 7150 for a quick chat, we’re available 24 hours a day.. This offer is available to both Townsville and Cairns service areas.