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Home and business security tips over the holidays

While it’s not always possible to prevent a crime, most of us can take some precautions to protect our homes and businesses from security threats, including trespassers and burglars.

Remember that most burglaries are opportunistic, which means that burglars look for those properties that are easily accessed and unsecured.

Here are our top security tips for keeping yourself, your family, and your business safe from crime.

Keep doors and windows locked

It might sound obvious, but many people don’t make sure that their doors and windows are locked – especially overnight or while the house is empty.

Take the time to check all of your windows once in a while, and incorporate locking the doors into your routine every night before bed.

Other security tips include:

Don’t keep keys outside your property
Install CCTV

Protect valuables in a safe
Use a security alarm system
Keep entrances well-lit
Keep valuables out of sight

Going back to the idea that most crimes are opportunistic, it’s a good idea to keep valuables out of sight.

This means not leaving expensive items – phones, laptops, tablets, or jewellery – in plain sight, for example in a car, or near windows.

This could be the motivation that a criminal passing by needs to make your property their next target.

Follow these simple tips and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

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