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What To Expect With Event Security

If you’re hosting an event, you might be having some headaches.

There is so much to think about with event planning that it can be hard to know where to start.

Any gathering involving significant numbers of human beings can be unpredictable.

Then there are fixed and moveable assets to think about, and how much each would cost to replace.

As providers of event security for both Townsville and Cairns areas, we take a lot of your worry away. Professional security experts help you before, during and after your event.

Forward Planning

The logistics of planning a social or formal event can be daunting.

Some hosts take something of a scattergun approach, dealing with each item as it crops up.

A better way would be to plan your event with your security team from the start.

They will help you with risk management, which often dictates the way to proceed.

By consulting with security professionals, you can make sure you have all the appropriate licenses and permissions in place.

If there will be alcohol served at your event, for example, you’ll need a liquor license.

The terms of this, including time frame, can be properly enforced by your security team.

This will stop you falling foul of the law, and may save hassle at the event itself.

Hiring a professional security firm can also help with your event insurance.

As you can be confident there will be no major incidents or breakages, you can tailor your insurance accordingly.

Full Protection

With our expertise in security in both Townsville and Cairns, event planners come back to us as we provide full protection for your event.

If you need an ID check at the entrance, your security team will ensure this works effectively.

Similarly, if you need your invitation checklist strictly adhered to, this will be done.

Once your event is underway, you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Security professionals will maintain order among all present, which is often of greatest importance for event planners.

You will also need your perimeter protecting, to stop unwanted people getting in, for whatever reason.

People worry that hosting an event will put their property at risk.

Careful perimeter monitoring helps allay these fears.

You will also want your assets protecting during your event.

As this can mean bump and and bump out arrangements, sometimes assets get damaged at these points.

An experience security provider will make sure this doesn’t happen.

They will protect your assets during the whole event, from setting up to lights out.

Security can also help with unfortunate happenings such as lost children or property.

As the situation will be under control at all times, retrieving either of these is relatively easy.

Find Out More

To see what you can expect from the event security planners rely on, call us at Protection Plus Security Townsville and Cairns.

Our 24 hour number is 07 4728 7150, or you can book through our website at  


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