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Different Alarm System Solutions Available

Protection, personal or property, is becoming more important every day.

At Protection Plus Security NQ we have been providing security services since 1991.

During that time, we have seen the rise in crime, but also the awareness of people that they can take matters into their own hands and don’t have to rely solely on our overstretched and overworked police force.

In the face of rising crime people are looking for ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, and employees, not to mention their properties.

In response to this, due to more sophisticated modern technology, different methods of electronic alarm systems have evolved and are now available to you for your protection.

As protecting people and property is our business we would like to share with you some of the different alarm systems available.

Alarm Response

One of the questions asked by prospective clients is what happens when an alarm is triggered?

With an alarm system with integrated monitoring, using our Smart Net system, the moment your alarm is activated we dispatch a mobile patrol to physically check on you and your property, looking for intruders or whatever tripped the alarm.

They will then report directly to you.

Some systems aren’t automatic and leave you to decide whether or not it is necessary to inform the security company to send someone.

This is, of course, your personal choice.

Alarm Monitoring

If you already have an alarm system, but an older type, we can integrate it with our system and take over the monitoring and response.

There is an especially great advantage in this for business owners because the monitoring service covers much more than simple breaking and entering.

There is a wide range of applications that you can choose from.


If you add CCTV to the package of your alarm system, then you will also have much more personal control of the area or environment that you want monitored.

You can see what is happening, in real time, inside or outside of your premises.

These cameras can also record and be used in a court of law.

Fixed or mobile, CCTV cameras are ideal for both residential and commercial applications when connected to the monitoring network.

Be Alarmed

As you can see from this brief rundown of what is available in electronic alarm systems in Cairns & Townsville, it is well worth investing in one.

The main thing is that Protection Plus Security NQ can offer you a system that is affordable and hassle free, matching the system to your needs.

We offer comprehensive coverage, so contact us for a free consultation.    

When you need top notch security for your business or home, you need to call us at Protection Plus Security NQ.

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