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Arming a home or business security system

Security Tips to Help You Stay Safe

Are you worried about burglaries in your area?

Are they on the increase?

Most of us are worried about coming home and finding that it has been ransacked, that our high value goods and valuables are missing.

It’s just the same if you are a business owner.

You open up your premises and find stock gone or expensive equipment stolen. It doesn’t matter where you live or work.

Most burglaries are opportunistic. The criminals see a likely target and break in, without a great deal of planning. Are you hesitant to contact a security company because you think it is too expensive?

If you are, at Protection Plus Security NQ we would like to remind you of some simple, but often forgotten security tips to help you stay safe, and protect your home or business.

One simple and effective measure is leaving lights on when you leave your house or business.

Well lighted homes and surrounding areas will deter many casual burglars. Of course, this will add to your energy bills, but that is better than being robbed.

One easy measure you can take for your security is to buy timing devices for your lights.

You can set them to turn on and turn off your lights at programmed times.

Surprisingly enough, many burglaries occur because people forget to lock up correctly.

Most criminals would rather walk or climb into your premises through open doors or windows without having to break in.

It’s easy to forget to lock a door or window when you are in a rush, we’ve all done it.

It may seem silly but posting little reminders on your doors or windows will jog your memory into thinking about your security before you leave.

A good deterrent to burglars are dogs.

A dog running in your yard will make casual burglars think twice about entering your premises.

One that is inside and can’t be seen, only heard, is usually enough to scare off thieves.

It’s best to go for one of the bigger breeds, with a strong bark.

CCTV cameras though are much better.

They give 24/7 monitoring and protection.

You can even install fakes ones! The thieves will still think that you are connected to the police or a security firm.

The best tip is to contact a professional security company and ask what they have to offer.

With all the great technological advances security has gone high tech, but because of its widespread use, it is also very affordable.

Stay Safe

The simple and basic measures stated above will help you with your home or business security, but they won’t give you complete peace of mind.

At Protection Plus Security NQ we can give you the assurance about your security that you need.

We can offer different security packages and methods that you can afford either for business or residential security.

We offer comprehensive coverage, so contact us for a free consultation.    

Don’t forget we offer “No Interest Ever” terms on purchasing either a Security Alarm Systems or CCTV system, including installation.

Finance is available for purchases between $500 to $4500.

When you need top notch security for your business or home, you need to call us at Protection Plus Security NQ.

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