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CCTV Sales & Installation

Townsville, Cairns & Far North Queensland

Protection Plus Security NQ boasts its own in “In house” technical division with a fully trained and licenced team of installers and technical support team and can look after your every requirement within your business or home.

Our team can consult and custom design a system that will give you the peace of mind that will allow you to monitor for not only the security requirements but also to ensure your duty of care.

Further to this CCTV can also work as a deterrent for any potential thieves, shoplifters, vandals, bad neighbours and potential baiting’s. CCTV can also assist in minimising your insurance premiums by being able to review any slips or fall claims.

With national buying power across multiple brands we can suit every budget and security requirement, plus with our ongoing training we are always up to speed on the latest technologies available.

This coupled with interest free finance terms available really does give everyone an opportunity to protect their business, private residence, workers and family.

Here’s how this technology can reduce your commercial costs

  • Your Head Office can monitor all your sites from one convenient location with our Intelligent Network options.
  • Minimise your Public Liability from slip and fall premiums and excess payments by monitoring shopper and visitor behaviour
  • Manage public liability and employee productivity.
  • Retail shops and centres can track shopper movements with thermal CCTV cameras
  • Car parks can be monitored for anti-social behaviour & connect to Intelligent Network Recorders for ticketless parking; car counting, number plate recognition
  • Service Station operator safety and minimize theft with Number plate recognition and alarm to alert arrival of previous offenders
  • Monitor human movement in hidden locations and shielded perimeters of your property with thermal cameras
  • Factories can monitor staff productivity
  • Safer sites and facilities with Site entrance, Region entrance and exit, Intrusion, Line crossing, Smart tracking access systems
  • Intercoms and Access Control Systems to compliment your CCTV installation
  • Heat detection CCTV to assist in your monitoring of crowds, staff or guests (For such events like COVID-19)

Don’t leave safety to chance.

Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today or phone us direct on 07 4728 7150  24 hours a day.

Alarm being set bu using code on the alarm panel 

Alarm System Sales & Installation

Townsville, Cairns & Far North Queensland

Protection Plus Security NQ can give you a true piece of mind with over 30 years experience within our technical department and offering a full end to end service from consulting through to planning, installation and hand over and training for your staff on how to confidently operate the system.

Having a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial system installation we can build and design a system to not only suit your needs and your budget.

Call a mobile, SMS, NBN Wireless remote control, wireless or hardwired plus day and night modes with pet friendly sensors plus door and window sensors. We can custom design to meet every requirement you may need.

This coupled with interest free finance terms available really does give everyone an opportunity to protect their business, private residence, workers and family.

Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today or phone us direct on 07 4728 7150  24 hours a day.

Alarm Monitoring

Townsville, Cairns & Far North Queensland

Protection Plus Security NQ offers every service you could ever need, with a full end to end offer for your property and or business needs.

Back to base monitoring provides you with piece of mind, knowing that your property or business is secured and safe when you are not there silently protecting your assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our back to base monitoring is ASIAL Certified Grade A1 monitoring to ensure your full peace of mind.

We not only offer this service for new alarm installations, but also for existing alarm system.

We can also take over not only the Alarm monitoring and any alarm responses that you may require, provided by our own mobile patrol team that can react quickly to alarm responses.

These include alarm responses to :-

  • Break and enters
  • Out of hours entry
  • Low Battery
  • Late to close
  • System Isolations
  • Mains Fail
  • User Identification
  • System Faults
  • Smoke Detection
  • Machinery Faults
  • Temperature Alarms on Refrigeration

Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today or phone us direct on 07 4728 7150  24 hours a day.

Access Control

Townsville, Cairns & Far North Queensland

Protection Plus Security NQ has everything covered and to help compliment your Alarm and CCTV systems.

We can value add your existing or new systems ensuring unauthorised people don’t have access to sensitive locations or locations requiring required levels of PPE, giving you an additional layer of safety and security, making your workplace a fully controllable safe secure environment.

Different types of access controls we can offer include

  • Biometric Access scanners
  • Control Panels
  • Door/Lift Controllers
  • Interfaces Access Control Systems
  • Keypad Access Control Panels
  • Management Software
  • Readers
  • Remote Arming Stations

Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today or phone us direct on 07 4728 7150  24 hours a day.

Alarm & CCTV Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Townsville, Cairns & Far North Queensland

Protection Plus Security NQ and it’s experience team not only offer installations for new CCTV and Alarm systems we also offer friendly reliable service, repairs and maintenance on your existing alarm and CCTV systems including any scheduled testing or preventative maintenance programs you may require.

We also offer this service for not only Townsville and Cairns but the entire North Queensland region to give you piece of mind.

Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today or phone us direct on 07 4728 7150  24 hours a day.


At Protection Plus Security NQ we have 5 patrol vehicles on the road each night, providing security services to more than 190 residential and commercial premises ·In the Townsville region. Our company has the largest footprint for mobile patrol vehicles in North Queensland, giving you the confidence that we can respond to any incident quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is contact our security experts to discuss the area you want patrolling.

Just as each business is unique, each patrol service is tailored to meet your specific security requirements. Ranging from spotlight Inspections to comprehensive Internal and external integrity checks, our dedicated team adapt to meet your individual needs. Our mobile patrol officers are specially selected for their observation skills, competence and demonstrated capability. These security officers regularly undertake training and up-skilling to ensure they deliver efficient and effective property security patrols throughout North Queensland.

For the duration of their allocated shift, mobile patrol officers drive between sites performing comprehensive checks at businesses, construction sites, commercial premises, hospitals, schools, private residences and residential complexes. The mobile patrol team responds to alarm activations, hold-up alarms and noise complaints, as well as requests from authorised persons to Issue move on requests, along with a number of other scenarios on a call-out basis. The security officer can also provide out of hours access to staff or contractors when the key holder is not available.

Our versatile mobile patrol services may also Include:

  • Lock-up attendance-ensuring your building is locked and secure at the close of business dally. This service can include a final safety check on staff, and further Inspections of the building, to make sure it isn’t left vulnerable to theft or damage outside of hours.
  • Unlock attendance–ensuring that access points are unlocked prior to opening hours.
  • Key holder services-provide access to staff, contractors and trades outside of business hours in lieu of the key holders’ attendance.
  • Equipment monitoring-monitoring and recording temperature gauges, appliances and machinery during attendances and providing comprehensive reports or enacting emergency protocols as required.

Contact our office today to request an obligation-free security assessment.

At Protection Plus Security NQ, we deliver custom security services designed to meet your individual needs with a focus on valuables, property and people. Our escort services can be Implemented whenever there Is a safety concern for people leaving or arriving to your premises. Our dedicated security team will monitor the area during arrivals and departures, and monitor the safety of authorised people as they come and go. We can also be there at short notice for particular events or following a security Incident. There is no substitute for safety when it comes to the best Interest of your staff, contractors and visitors.

Our escort service can be scheduled according to rostered start and finish times, or provided on a call out basis as required.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Contact our North Queensland office for a no-obligation quote today.

Our mobile patrol team is on hand 24/7 to attend to your alarm activations. Our aim is to provide you with the confidence that a trained industry professional is physically checking your property.

Utilising the Smart Net system, our patrol responses can be integrated directly to your monitoring control room to ensure immediate dispatch. The SMART system-specifically engineered for the Australian security industry-allows for sophisticated dispatching and reporting of all security services.

Upon attendance at your alarm activation, our trained professionals will conduct an inspection of the property, looking for signs of unauthorised entry, or possible causes for the activation. The security officer will determine whether it is necessary to contact Queensland Police or other emergency services. Where there is no immediate risk, the security officer will thoroughly check the physical security of all doors, windows and access points before reporting their findings to the monitoring centre, to be relayed back to you.
If you operate a self-managed security monitoring system, and you receive an alarm activation, you can contact our security team directly. One of our trained security professionals inspects the premises in person and report back to you directly.

Every security officer receives regular training from our in-house trainer and assessor, to ensure they are capable of meeting your security needs. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that yourself, or your team, are not being put at risk by responding to alarm activations personally. Wrth the largest mobile footprint in North Queensland, you can be assured that our patrols respond quicker than any of our competitors.

To discuss your alarm response needs, please call our trusted security team.

Protection Plus Security NQ is the leading cash-in-transit company In regional North Queensland, providing services to a diverse range of businesses and individuals throughout the region. With our commitment to the safety and security of your consignment, you can be confident your valuables are securely transported.

Servicing Townsville and North Queensland, our collection services include secure cash collection, valuables transportation and change supply or return. Aside from convenience and peace of mind, this service also minimises the risk to your staff, providing a degree of separation, training and accountability to the transport process. All consignments are covered under our extensive insurance policy, so you can rest assured your funds are 100% protected.

As a premier security company, our team adheres to strict policies and procedures to maximise your protection. A team of highly professional security officers are deployed In secure vehicles. Our primary focus Is in minimising risk to your team, your customers and your business. All of our collection vehicles are fitted with safes, GPS tracking and CCTV. Our experienced staff attend your location to collect your consignment, before safely depositing it at your financial institution, or delivering it to a nominated location as required.

All our transport services are fully Austrac compliant, and each of our guards is appropriately trained and licensed. Our team can provide:

  • Change collection, transfer & delivery
  • After-hours secure banking collection & safe storage
  • Collection from parking ticket meters, car park machines & vending machines
  • Secure logistics & transportation of highly confidential documents, precious metals & other valuable Items
  • Cash counting
  • In-house processing/counting of cash consignment with same-day transfer

We customise your cash/valuables collection and banking service to meet your individual requirements. Whatever service package you require, we will ensure your consignment Is safe, secure and protected while In transit. Call us today with your requirements.

Protection Plus Security NQ is Townsville & North Queensland’s leading FLR and SLM company. We have provided services to several national companies responsible for armoured transport and ATM support for many years.

At Protection Plus Security NQ, a team of armed guards and technicians is rostered 24n to meet your operational needs. Thanks to ongoing Internal training, skills and years of experience, our security officers are prepared for any situation. You will have peace of mind knowing your cash Is fully insured with Protection Plus, as we are the only company in the North Queensland with active fidelity insurance . Thus providing an extra layer of protection for your cash.

Our team takes every precaution to minimise risk and potential theft, whilst ensuring minimal downtimes for your ATM’s and business, ensuring your ATM is In service for the convenience of your customers.

Our FLR and SLM services include:

  • ATM replenishment 
  • Diagnose & isolate service Issues 
  • Diagnose & correct minor internet service & communication issues 
  • Reload receipt rolls, empty receipt bins, & maintain cleanliness of the ATM 
  • Identify & report damages, security breaches & risks
  • ATM Installations 

For fast and secure ATM servicing, we’re the team to call

Protection Plus Security NQ provides invaluable assistance for event managers to ensure the quality, safety and security for your Townsville or regional North Queensland event. Please contact us for more information, or fill out our enquiry form.

Whether your event Is big or small, short-term or long-term, we can supply the guards, technology and security to meet, and exceed, your needs. Our reliable event security guards will:

• Maintain order
• Provide crowd control for liquor licensed events
• Protect the event perimeter
• Remove unruly guests
• Protect assets & property before, during & after the event

We have extensive experience providing event security for musical festivals, concerts, community events, weddings, funerals, school formals, and much more.

Other security and management areas we can help you with, including:
• ID checks
• Invitation checklists
• Liquor licensing
• Perimeter protection
• Bump In/bump out asset protection
• Lost children & lost property
• Risk management & planning

Our experience in security, policing, technology and staffing will ensure a high standard of event security, without affecting the enjoyment of the guests.

What makes Protection Plus Security NQ different is the quality of our security team. We have worked with many event managers who have commented on our reliable service and the initiative our guards take in order to keep their events safe. lfs all about safety and customer service to not only you but also your guests. Our event security will surpass expectations and ensure a successful event.

Our event crowd control will ensure your safety and that of your staff and patrons. Our RSA trained event security team complies with Queensland liquor licensing requirements and provide a deterrent presence for all event venues. We also supply crowd controller badges, and a crowd control register to ensure your compliance.

When you need ongoing protection at a single location, choose our reliable and professional static guards. We offer both emergency and scheduled guarding for your business. This comprehensive service can include site logs, equipment monitoring, access controls and integrity inspections-whatever It takes to minimise risk at your premises.

Static guards provide assurance that the physical security and access controls at your premises are closely monitored and managed in accordance with your operational needs. Another benefit of the static guard service Is its visibility, reducing the risk of targeted crime. Guard coverage can be arranged for a minimum 4 hour period, up to and including 24-hour service.

You may request a rapid response vehicle, which will allow the attending security officer to monitor and maintain security regardless of the size of your premises. We also offer on-site personnel drug-testing services thanks to our dual-trained security drug test technicians.

For an obligation-free quote, call our office and discuss your requirements.

Our vigilant guards are trained to provide concierge and gatehouse duties. We understand that absolute commitment and discretion is necessary for all dealings with your guests and personnel, be it in a private or a commercial setting. All our concierge and gatehouse guards provide a friendly first point of contact, while at the same time, upholding your guests’ privacy and security.

For costing and roster information, please call our friendly office team.

Protection Plus Security NQ employs Townsville’s largest team of fully qualified and licensed armed security officers servicing Noth Queensland are able to assist with high-risk safety and protection requirements. Our officers are available to guard a location or escort your cash and valuables. All armed security officers regularly undergo nationally accredited firearms training with our own registered training organisation.


“No Interest Ever” terms on purchasing either a Security Alarm Systems or CCTV system, including installation.

Finance is available for purchases between $500 to $4500.

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