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Questions to Ask Your Security Company

Thinking of investing in security for your home or business?

Do you sometimes fear for the safety of yourself and that of your family? 

Are you worried that your business might attract the wrong kind of attention?

Do you like the idea of having a security system, but are wary of the hype?

None of us really want to think of security, but sometimes it’s advisable.

Still interested? 

Is private security really what it’s cracked up to be?

The only way to put your mind at rest is to contact a security team like us and talk to the experts.

At Protection Plus Security NQ we’ll be glad to answer your questions. In fact, we can give you some security FAQs to ask right here and provide some answers for you as well.

Can I afford it? 

Yes, you can. New technology such as the internet, Wi-Fi, and digital devices have seen a revolution in the private security field.

It has drastically changed the way in which security is implemented.

Like any new and innovative technology that becomes popular, the price of the equipment comes tumbling down because of competition, but the trick is to choose the package that you can afford.

What’s the use of electronic security?

Apart from being much more affordable, it is much more reliable.

The areas of concern, whether your home surroundings or within your workplace, can be monitored remotely.

With cameras, security locking devises and communications sets on doorways, you can control who has access to your home or business, without the need to answer the door.

You just need the right combination for your needs and that is where we can help you decide on the best system to suit you or your business.

Isn’t it all a bit complicated?

Not at all. If you have a smart phone and can use a computer, it’s a piece of cake. You can control your own security devices by yourself. You can turn on and turn off alarms, pan or zoom cameras, and record incidents remotely just by using an app or your computer.

If you don’t want the bother of monitoring yourself, then you can have us do the surveillance for you in either Townsville or Cairns.

Check Us Out!

The three questions above are just a sample of what you should ask us when looking at home or business security systems.

At Protection Plus Security NQ we’ll take the time to explain and answer whatever questions you have & we can give you the assurance about your security that you need.

We can offer different security packages and methods that you can afford either for business or residential security.

We offer comprehensive coverage, so contact us for a free consultation.    

Don’t forget we offer “No Interest Ever” terms on purchasing either a Security Alarm Systems or CCTV system, including installation.

Finance is available for purchases between $500 to $4500.

When you need top notch security for your business or home, you need to call us at Protection Plus Security NQ.

We are the largest locally owned security provider in North Queensland with branch offices in Townsville and Cairns.

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