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How Frequent Should You Have Mobile Security Patrol?

If you’re responsible for a home or a business, you might well be worried about security.

Protecting people and property from harm or theft is something which occupies the thoughts of many thousands of people.

With the best will in the world, however, you can’t be alert 24 hours a day.

That’s why using mobile security services is so valuable.

It provides a deterrent as well as evidence for prosecution.

As providers of mobile security patrols in both Townsville & Cairns, we use our time and your money wisely.

Tailor Made

The main thing to remember about security patrols is that no two businesses or homes are the same.

All families differ, as do business operations, and this will affect your security arrangements.

Just because a similar sized company or household has patrols at certain intervals, doesn’t mean you should.

The only reliable way to set a timetable is to have a security assessment.

A good local security firm will offer one of these without obligation.

Once your assessment has been carried out, your security professional will put a plan in place.

They will decide how often to patrol your premises, and when. Mobile security patrols are a powerful deterrent, but have to be used correctly.

If someone watching your premises knows when the patrol is next due, this gives them an advantage.

During any shift, your security company will send a mobile unit to inspect your premises a certain number of times.

When exactly they do this is something they will know best.

Detailed knowledge and experience of security matters are built up over many years, and practices are adapted to suit.

Careful Observation

As well as deterrence, the mobile security patrols know what to look out for.

This includes any change in locks or the position of gates, for instance.

It also covers signs of criminal or suspicious behaviour, such as climbable objects appearing against fences.

Any such changes will be reported and inspected.

Of course, any reported incidents will be acted on. Mobile units spot suspicious behaviour anywhere on their rounds, and keep track of these.

Communication to other patrols, as well as the main office, give an overall view of the situation in the area.

As many break-ins are opportunistic, keeping an eye on who’s in the area is another good use of mobile patrols.

Detailed knowledge of the area, combined with your security assessment, will inform how frequent a mobile unit patrols your property.

The exact details of this, like much else in security practice, are best left to the professionals.

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