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How to protect your business with mobile security patrols

Mobile security patrols are vital for businesses in need of added protection, either due to vacant premises as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic or just because extra security is never a bad thing.

Mobile security patrols offer a simple and cost-effective way to get ‘eyes on the ground’ even when your own security staff aren’t on the property.

What is a mobile security patrol?

A mobile security patrol usually involves a team of professional security guards who are hired to patrol your property and the areas surrounding it, keeping an eye out for potential trespassers and ensuring that the property is secured and uncompromised at any given time.

Mobile security patrols can offer peace of mind when you’re far away and unable to check on your property in person.

What can mobile security patrols do?

Mobile security patrols can perform a range of tasks designed to check your property’s security and keep intruders away.

These services might include:

– Patrolling both the interior and exterior of your building, to ensure windows and doors remain shut and check that there are no trespassers or potential trespassers already in the area.

– Lock-up attendance. Attending your building at lock-up time to ensure it is fully locked and secured at the close of day. This check can include safety checks on staff and building inspections to look for vulnerabilities and other potential risks.

– Unlock attendance. This means making sure that all proper access points are unlocked before opening hours.

– Equipment monitoring. Many mobile security teams can record temperature gauges, appliances and machinery during their inspections to provide comprehensive status reports based on your site’s specific requirements.

– Keyholder services. Mobile security patrols can keep a copy of your keys to provide to contractors, staff, and other trades if needed outside of standard business hours.

The services you might employ a mobile security patrol to carry out for you are usually entirely customisable, with most patrol units happy to tailor their services to your business.

How can a mobile security patrol help you protect your business?

Both break-ins and malicious property damage are a serious cause for concern across Australia (

Mobile security patrols can offer businesses peace of mind, with patrol units acting to both prevent crimes by putting off potential intruders who are keeping an eye on the site and increasing the chances that any intruders who do commit a crime on your property are caught and charged.

In the event that a crime does occur, mobile patrol units are often able to give key evidence at trial that can aid in prosecuting the criminals and ensuring that any lost items are recovered.

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