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Cash Transit Security

Despite living in the digital age where money can be transferred in less than a few seconds, there is still a need to transport large amounts of cash.

When the need arises or you require any other type of security, it is time to talk to the professional security team here at Protection Plus Security NQ Townsville and Cairns.

Using the security professionals

Entrusting valuable assets such as cash is, of course, not something that any business or individual will be taking lightly.

Choosing a licensed security company that has already established a solid reputation and displayed a high level of competency should be considerations.

Protecting your own assets and reputation

Whatever you need security for in your business; you can’t afford to take any chances as mistakes could lead to highly regrettable circumstances.

Choose a highly professional security company for your cash transit, it’s crucial to both the protection of your assets and your business’s reputation too.

A wide range of security services

Alongside secure transit of cash and other valuable assets, our market leading security service offers out of hours banking, secure collections, and highly secure holding and transport facilities.

When you choose us to provide those services for your business we ensure that every aspect of security is covered.

Licenses and insurance

If you were labouring under the impression that security was mostly about a bunch of well-built individuals keeping a crowd at bay you would be dead wrong.

Professional security companies are fully licensed and insured in respect of all the services that they provide.

Making the right choice

If you need to transport cash or other physical assets, you need to talk to the security experts here at Protection Plus Security NQ.

Call us 24/7 on 07 4728 7150 or visit us online at for professional security service in Townsville and Cairns.

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