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What Is Usually Expected of a Security Guard at an Event?

When it comes to organising any kind of event, security should always be a primary consideration. A security guard will be responsible for a whole lot more than controlling who is allowed to access the event.

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In the following article, we take a look at what you should expect from an event security team.

Surveying to assess your requirements

Common sense dictates that not all events are created equal and size should certainly not be the only factor that a security guard needs take into account.

Even larger private events such as weddings will have widely differing security requirements to an outdoor concert or sports event.

A consultation with the organisers and a detailed appraisal of the venue would certainly be a first step in assessing the specific security needs of the event.

Much more than just security

While the security of an event is a major part, safety of attendees is also a concern.

Safety and security are very closely related and everyone at an event could be viewed as coming under that care. From vetting entrance to controlling large numbers of people, they are all part of a professional security guards duties.

Hi-profile events and celebrity guests

While it may seem obvious that hi-profile public events and celebrity guests are likely to draw larger numbers of onlookers, security companies still have a number of variables to consider. Outdoor events, of course, will present greater security challenges than those held indoors.

Access is always a concern and it is one of the main areas where manpower will be needed the most. That said the event’s security requirements should always be weighed up against the apparent or possible risks.

Taking care of the guest list

One of the main areas where an event security guard is able to positively affect security is by managing the guest list.

As with all aspects of event security, communication is one of the key factors of success.

The ability to contact the promoter or organiser of the event with queries surrounding admittance and entrance issues is crucial.

Contacting the event security professionals

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