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How Uniguard Works For Security Companies

From physical guarding and timed patrols, managing a security team doesn’t come without its challenges.

Our professional security team at Protection Plus Security NQ appreciates that client accountability is a prime factor, that applies to security companies in any state or territory.

Thanks to new technologies and innovative design, a cost-effective, tried, and tested patrol management system is now available to our clients in Townsville and Cairns.

What is Uniguard?

The Uniguard patrol management system is a valuable asset to security companies as the system uses a data logging wand and a series of wireless receiver stations (small buttons).

Security patrols and other workers use the system to record their presence at each specific location and a data-driven system stores the information.

An accepted form of evidence of presence

Because the system logs individual wands and uses time-sensitive data, it is highly useful and highly credible evidence of presence.

This is particularly useful in support of invoicing for security services and in the event of any disputes concerning the presence of an individual patrol.

The system provides easy to understand records that log one hundred per cent accuracy of date and time.

A data-driven system

Because the whole system is essentially data-driven, the information can be collated and presented in various formats.

The system also offers an upgrade that will transmit live real-time data to a manned or automated control centre.

The advantages and uses in man management speak for themselves and that ultimately equates to cost savings and some sizeable increases in operational efficiency too.

Protection Plus Security NQ is one of the security companies that can attest to the value of the system in its operations.

An additional operational benefit

The Uniguard patrol management system actually works at another level of security that may not at first be apparent.

When the system is upgraded to the “live” level, it can relay information to a security company’s control room in the form of live updates. By alerting the systems central users to a “no login” event, security personnel will be fully accounted for.

Any issues can be immediately addressed via phone contact or a physical follow up to the site.

Dealing with Protection Plus, the security professionals 

Protection Plus Security NQ takes advantage of the latest protective technology including the Uniguard patrol management system when guarding or patrolling premises.

Call us right now on 07 4728 7150 or visit us online for more information at and talk to us about your security requirements. 

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